Women's mentor, visionary and expert entrepreneur focused on female alchemy, entrepreneurship and abundance.

My entrepreneurial journey began twenty years ago, and what forms its deep essence is the vision I hold.

I wish for the alternative to become the norm in all areas.

This is the direction that my heart project, Alchemy of the Woman, is heading in.

For over 6 years I have been INSPIRING and SUPPORTING women to find their OWN PATH.

When women come together, miracles happen.

I believe in the POWER of FEMININE ENERGY and self-love and wish for women to stand in their power, create the life of their DREAMS and live in FREEDOM.

Part of my business has always been my husband of 22 years who has been extremely supportive. We still have fun together. Together we have started three business ventures in succession.
Before we had children, we ran a health food business. With the arrival of our daughters, who are now 17 and 15, we were inspired by contact parenting and the associated babywearing, flap-free communication methods and respectful parenting. My first courses focused on these topics.

It was a huge success, and so I set up the very first retail shop with supplies for contact parents. These stores have spread all over the Czech Republic. The biggest test and an important milestone in my journey was when, by a strange set of circumstances, my business was threatened with personal bankruptcy seven years ago.

I decided to glean as much wisdom as I could from that experience and take my business leaps and bounds forward. And that's what happened. I leaned on my inner strength and founded the Alchemy of a Woman project. Six years later, the first online courses focused on womanhood and self-love have grown to include other topics of abundance, women's circles and entrepreneurship.

Over 100,000 women have taken the courses. I love motivating women to grow and develop because if one can do it, we all can.

I love my job. I love creating for women and mentoring them

I get great joy from the feedback of women whose lives are being changed by Alchemy of Women. I'm thrilled when women write to me about the opportunities the money they've earned brings them, which they have more and more of, and the satisfaction they get from growing their projects. This motivates me to keep creating again.

I am also happy to share many financial lessons, milestones and my specific turnarounds publicly to encourage women in particular what is possible.

I believe in each person's unique gifts, inner strength

and flowing creativity that can make the world a more beautiful place to live.

I am constantly educating myself.

It is an investment that always pays off. I invest about 100,000$ a year in my education. My shifts immediately translate into great benefits for my clients, which is why some of them have been with me for the past six years. I've taken a multi-year course in Integrative Sexuality with Layla Martin, a year-long copywriting course with Otta Bohush, Education Without Losers training, Leadership with Tatyana le Moigne, Deepak Chopra, a year-long training with Bohdana Kabatova, and much more.

I love to read books, I love my family, my relationship with my husband of many years, and our house by the sea on a wild island. I love relationships and I love life itself. Life is a miracle and every moment matters. Everything is already perfect and as it should be, but at the same time, more experience, depth and growth is coming. It is with great gratitude that I celebrate these two positions and surrender to the service of Life.

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Only the best is good enough for you.


Love doesn't need to be earned, it's always there.


Be of service to your soul and follow your unique mission. Your business will be a natural fit.


Abundance is infinite and everyone can create a richer world for themselves and others.

"Within three days of the first masterclass, I launched a pre-sale of the new product and earned the entire Evolution. I believe that if we follow the steps that Lucy is leading us through, we can achieve great things. Even if we have young children. I have four kids and the masterclasses with Luka are effective and unpretentious and I'm still amazed at the ways they push us further."
Klára Stará
"When I started to focus more on my business again after my third childbirth, I set a goal that I wanted to experience my first 25,000$ per month sometime during 2023 and to steadily stick around that mark. By the end of the year, I found that I had crossed that magical threshold for me, on average, every month. And that really blew my mind, because I didn't expect it. HOW DID I DO IT? I leaned into the business a lot and made it my priority. Where the attention and energy goes, it grows. But I also knew that if I wanted to grow a lot, I needed someone beside me to light the way. Someone who's been down the paths I'm on now, and who will show me how far I can go. I chose that December to be Lucie and her Evolution of Mission program. I believe that if it wasn't for Evolution, I wouldn't be celebrating my first million in a year."
Bára Lapčíková
annual turnover of 86 women at Evolution of Mission
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"What if this moment matters?"