Privacy Policy

In these principles, you will learn when and how on these websites I will work with your personal data and what rights you have concerning your personal data. If you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data, please contact me at email or by phone at +420 775 38 37 35.

The processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) ("Regulation").


I, Lucie Harnošová, with a registered office at Dobrovského 157/1, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic, identification number: 766 01 544, registered in the Trade Register maintained by the Brno City Magistrate, and the company Alchymie ženy s.r.o., with a registered office at Lidická 28, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic, identification number: 109 39 288, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno, section C, insert 123728, where I act as the executive director (together referred to as "Joint Controllers").

As Joint Controllers – providing complementary services – we operate and process your personal data within a single common system, for the sake of efficiency and the highest possible level of my services to you (the term "I" and "my services" collectively refer to the activity of the Joint Controllers).


Order and Complaints

1. Data: Based on your order, I process personal data that you provide in the order. These primarily include: name, surname, email, phone number, VAT ID/company registration number, company name, address/registered office, payment details, order details, and any other personal data you provide during the order, including the likeness of yourself or third parties if you upload it during the ordering process.

2. Reason: I process these personal data to handle your order, provide services, send goods, or process complaints. This processing is necessary for the fulfillment of the contract. I also process data for the record of the contract and in case a dispute arises between us. The processing is also necessary to fulfill my legal obligation and for the purposes of my legitimate interests.

3. Duration: The personal data mentioned are processed for a period of 10 years from the completion of the last part of the contract, unless another legal regulation or possible dispute requires that I retain the contract documentation for a longer period.

4. Newsletters: If you are my customers, I can send you commercial communications related to relevant offers to your email address for a period of 3 years from the purchase unless you extend this period. This procedure is allowed by § 7 paragraph 3 of Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on certain services of the information society. You can refuse to receive these communications at any time in any way – for example, by sending an email to or by clicking on a link in the commercial communication.

User Account

1. Data: In case of registration and login to the member section of my courses, I will process the following personal data: email, possibly username, and password (in encrypted form).

2. Reason: All these data will be processed to enable access to the offered courses and account administration.

3. Duration: The mentioned data will be processed for a period of 5 years from the last login, based on the consent you gave me during the order. You can withdraw this consent at any time, for example by sending an email to or a letter to our office address. However, please note that by withdrawing consent, you will lose the membership benefits that may arise from the user account.

Consent to Sending Newsletters or Free Content

1. Data: If you are interested in receiving news and subscribe to the newsletter, or if you express interest in downloading some content that I provide for free, I will process your personal data: email address, possibly first and last name.

2. Reason: Your personal data will be processed so that I can provide you with the content and continue to send you the newsletter, based on your consent given by subscribing.

3. Duration: Personal data for these purposes will be processed for 3 years from the consent. This period can be extended if you show interest before its expiration.

4. Consent: By the above processing, you give your explicit consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time, for example by sending a letter, an email to, or by clicking on a link in the newsletter. If you withdraw your consent, I will stop sending you newsletters.

Contact Form and Social Media Communication

1. Data: If you need to ask anything and contact me, either through the contact form, email, or the Facebook profile (@alchymiezeny), I may process (or jointly process with the social network operator) your name, surname, username, email address or phone number, and other data you provide during the communication.

2. Reason: The mentioned personal data are processed so that I can respond and resolve whatever is needed, for the duration necessary to handle the communication. The reason is thus contract negotiation or my legitimate interest.

3. Duration: Data are processed for a maximum of 1 year from the message handling, unless another legal reason for further processing exists, e.g., if we enter into a contract.


1. Data: If you decide to share your experiences with my courses or products, you can do so through a form that I will send to your email after completing a course or purchasing a product. We can also agree on processing a personal review in video form. In these cases, I may process your name, surname, username, email address or phone number, and other data you provide during communication, and possibly your likeness. By filling out the form or recording a video, you agree to the publication of your review on the websites and possibly sharing it on the social network Facebook (@alchymiezeny) and in the case of videos also on the YouTube channel @branakdetem, in the form of the name, possibly surname and likeness, if you have provided and sent them.

2. Reason: The mentioned personal data are processed so that I can credibly share your personal experiences, always based on your consent, which you give by providing a review – in text or video form. However, you can revoke this consent at any time. 3. Duration: Data are processed for the duration of the review's publication on the websites and on the social network profile Facebook (@alchymiezeny).


1. During our events and stays, shared experiences may also be captured in photographs and videos, in which you may appear. I take these photos and videos so that I can share them with you for you to have a memory of the events, and also to present my services and events on websites, social media, promotional materials, and other platforms.

2. Everyone has the right to personal privacy, which includes the right not to be photographed or filmed without consent. Your consent is always required, which you can give in writing, verbally, or implicitly (for example, if you pose for photos or videos and it is clear that you do not mind being photographed or filmed). If it is obvious from the circumstances that the photo or video is being taken for purposes such as publication on social media, your consent also applies to this further processing of the photo or video, if you could reasonably anticipate this method; I will always inform you about this. This procedure is in accordance with the law No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code.

3. A photograph or video that can identify a person, i.e., your likeness, can also be considered personal data. If they are processed in the sense of the Regulation, the reason for processing your likeness for the purposes of publication on websites, social media, promotional materials, and other platforms in the form of photos or videos is your consent, which you grant for the duration of the publication of the photos and videos. 4. You can withdraw your consent at any time, for example, by sending a letter or an email to If you withdraw your consent, I will remove, if technically feasible, all photos and videos from all platforms where you are depicted. However, I must warn you that even this subsequent deletion does not ensure the complete disappearance of the photo from cyberspace, as users of the relevant platforms could have downloaded the photos to their storage before they were removed.


1. In the case of interactions with my profile on the social network Facebook (likes, shares, etc.), the operator of these social networks, Meta Platforms, Inc., may share some additional data with me, especially about the number of people or accounts that viewed, commented on, or reacted to our posts, as well as aggregate demographic and other data that help me better understand user interactions with my profile.

2. On my website, I also use the Meta (formerly Facebook) pixel analytics tool, including its other features, which allows me to understand the actions that visitors on my website perform, measure this behavior, and thus set ads on the Facebook network to be relevant and further measure their effectiveness. This tool processes some data from my websites using cookies (for example, information about your visit or whether you responded to my ad). Meta Platforms Inc. may combine or link this data with your user account on these social networks. You can adjust the ad settings within the Facebook social network in your user account, more information can be found at


1. On this website, I use cookies for the following purposes:

- website functionality (functional cookies),
- measuring website traffic and creating statistics about visitor traffic and behavior on websites (analytical cookies),
- customizing advertising to be tailored and targeted (marketing cookies).

2. Functional cookies necessary for website functionality are stored only for the duration necessary for the website's operation. This procedure is allowed by my legitimate interest, and I do not need your consent for it. You can object to this processing and disable cookies, e.g., in your browser, but full functionality and compatibility of my websites cannot be guaranteed in such a case.

3. The collection of analytical cookies for the purpose of measuring traffic and creating statistics may be considered the processing of personal data. Such processing is possible based on the consent you can give me through the cookie banner. These cookies are assessed as a whole and in an anonymous form that does not allow individual identification.

4. Marketing cookies for optimizing and targeting advertising are also processed based on your consent, which you can again give through the cookie banner.

5. Cookies can be disabled in the internet browser; however, some functionalities on these websites may not be available in such a case.

6. The duration of processing for each type of cookie depends on its kind. The processing of necessary cookies always ends after the session is closed, typically after you close the browser. Cookies used based on your consent are processed for the duration of the consent for the given cookie or until the consent is revoked. You can learn which cookies I use on this website and for how long in the overview when you expand the cookie menu and below in this document. In the cookie menu, you can also adjust your cookie preferences at any time.

7. The collected cookie files are processed by other processors, in particular:

- Google Inc., in accordance with the Privacy Policy available at, also

at, and at,
- Meta Platforms Inc., in accordance with their Cookie Use Policy available at,
- Minimal Work SRL, in accordance with the Privacy Policy available at



1. According to the Regulation, in relation to the protection of personal data, you have the right to:

- withdraw your consent,
- request information from me about which of your personal data I process,
- request access to these data and to have them updated or corrected, or request a restriction of processing,
- request the deletion of these personal data from me – unless they are personal data that I am obliged or authorized to continue processing according to relevant legal regulations or if their deletion does not conflict with the legitimate interests of the Joint Controllers,
- request a copy of the processed personal data,
- object to processing in the case that the processing is based on my legitimate interest,
- address me or the Office for Personal Data Protection, or the court in case of doubts about compliance with the obligations related to the processing of personal data.


1. All personal data is confidential and will not be provided to any third party. An exception is made for providers of processing software, services, and applications such as:

- web hosting provider,
- marketing services provider,
- mailing software provider,
- accounting software provider,
- accounting services provider,
- delivery and transportation services providers,
- payment gateway providers,
- and possibly other providers of processing software, services, and applications that I currently do not use.

2. The processors, their names, or the names of the services they provide may change, but I always carefully ensure their selection and the protection of your personal data. If you are interested in who specifically and currently provides these services to me, please write to me at


1. As I use some foreign processors, the transfer of personal data outside the EU may occur, specifically in the case of these processors:

- Meta Platforms Inc.,
- Google Inc.

2. With all these processors, I have concluded processing agreements that contain the currently valid standard contractual clauses and guarantees for the protection of personal data. More information about the processing and protection of personal data by these companies can be found in section 7 regarding cookies, where you can find links to the relevant documents.

This document becomes effective on March 1, 2023.