How I Made My First $5 Million: Read and Get Inspired to Achieve Your Own Success!

Let me share how I earned my first $5 million in online business and reveal the steps that led to my success. Explore the key steps that got me there.

Organic expansion and organic growth

It works for me to prioritize gradual growth and deep connection with the community.

I'm not alone

The team gradually expanded to include 5 internal members and approximately 10 external collaborators. However, our team remains small, which is my preference. I am proud of their determination and commitment as they live out their mission and share their gifts with the world.


Continuously expand your capacity for energy in the face of success, failure /!!!/, the passage of time, campaigns, clients, family, and yourself. Working with energy is a cornerstone of my success, and I really enjoy teaching this in my courses.


I receive so much support that I find myself repeatedly melting in gratitude. This includes close friends, my team, mentors, and everything beyond us that cannot be adequately expressed in words. It's not just about me; it's always about collaboration. For me, living my mission means making myself available to Life. This intersection is the essential element that brings me peace, meaning, and abundance.

Courageous decisions

and bold steps are what

move us forward the most.

Long-term values

I never pursue actions solely for immediate benefits or success. This philosophy extends to the depth of the relationships I maintain with my clients. I cherish the 'bystanders' who join my world, those who are part of the community and enjoy being there, even if they are not paying clients. I equally value those who have been repeat customers for years, who recommend my products and services, and who are enthusiastic about the long-term value they receive from me. Indeed, I have a preference for long-term relationships and long-term business activities.

I am visible on social media

By presenting ourselves to the world, we attract what we truly desire into our lives and businesses. Authenticity and consistency are more than mere clichés. Moreover, revealing our true selves is often the bravest step we can take.

Investment in education

I learn from the best and invest several million Czech crowns in education annually. I learn, integrate, and enter rooms with those who are many steps ahead. I often feel like a 'chicken nugget' there, but then I leave much stronger. I am participating in an intensive courses and a perfect masterminds, and it's already clear that my clients will greatly benefit from it as well.

What do you take from the contribution for yourself and your further growth?

What do you take from the contribution for yourself and your further growth?